The author of this paper is Dr. Chuck Downing, the nation's leading expert on engaging students in science. A classroom teacher and college professor for 40 years, Dr. Downing has an undergraduate degree in life science from San Diego State University, a Masters Degree from University of Redlands, and a PhD from Walden University, in Minneapolis.


Dr. Downing is the author of Cranial Creations In Life Science and Cranial Creations in Physical Science, both available from J. Weston Walch, Publishers and AP* Biology - Inquiry-Based Laboratory Investigations and Activities with Critical Thinking and Writing Skills, published by People's Education. He also has developed classroom laboratory activities: Coleslaw Chemistry for Science Kit, a forensics kit, Mystery at 323 Maple St. for Ward’s Biological. He has developed three simulations, also published by Science Kit: Descendent Discs, a genetic simulation; Kinesthetic Protein Synthesis and Cruising The Circulatory System, kinesthetic activities demonstrating processes and relationships. Biome Bags, another Science Kit product, is an inquiry activity on biomes and biodiversity. Dr. Downing is a frequent speaker at state, regional, and national science conferences. He has worked as a consultant for school districts and special programs across the United States.

Most recently, Dr. Downing has had published four science fiction novels: Traveler's HOT L-The Time Traveler's Resort (Winner for Best Science Fiction Book from, Traveler's HOT L Volume Two-New Tales from the Time Traveler's Resort, RIFTS-A Science Fiction Thriller, and The Observers-A Science Fiction Odyssey. He is also the co-author of a book on transforming your teaching: Tune Up Your Teaching & Turn On Student Learning

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