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Your first issue is a special report, "The #1 Reason Why Your Students Hate Science (and The #1 Way You Can Change That!)." This extensive special report contains information and ideas you can use tomorrow in your classroom. It is printed in its entirety at Report Download.


Each subsequent issue provides hints and examples of how to more fully engage your students in science every day.


You might come across an occasional odd "code" in these .pdf versions of the Newsletter (e.g. d—). This is the result of conversion from html. If they show up, it's my fault--I missed it in the final prep.


























The following Newsletters are available for purchase


Each of these Newsletters is now a single download) on on the "Online Resources" page. That page is accessible to all who purchase a copy of Tune Up Your Teaching & Turn on Student Learning.


They can also be purchased from my Teachers Pay Teachers store, although you'll be missing out on the quality ideas in the book.


Five newsletters on "Using Interdisciplinary Ideas" - includes a detailed explanation of how to incorporate

writing and critical thinking with your content.


Three Newsletters on "Graphing" - includes how to set up and then grade graphs of experimental data.


Three Newsletters on "Experimental Design" - these are Powerpoint presentations.


One Newsletter that is an "Experimental Design Activity" - actually a recipe for developing an activity of

your own.


One Newsletter on "Hypothesis Writing" - includes an idea for an activity on hypotheis generation.


Four Newsletters on "Rubric Design and Use" - includes a detailed sample.


One Newsletter on "Circadian Rhythms" - this is an activity.


Selected Newsletters for Your Use


EE2: Increasing Engagement pt 2 - follow up to "The #1 Reason..."


EE3: increasing Engagement pt 3 - final issue on "The #1 Reason..." - the focus is on writing as a form of engagement.


EE10: Learning Centers 1/3 - the focus is individual student engagement


EE11: Learning Centers 2/3 - focuses on accountability and evaluation of students who use the

Learning Center


EE12: Learning Centers 3/3 - the focus is setting up a Learning Center


EE25: Student Grading Principles - an introductory discussion of grading practices


EE26: Grading by Categories - focuses on the benefits of categories when determining student



EE27: Standards-Based Grades - the focus is on Standards-Based Grading, which I define as "basing a student's academic standing on their level of mastery of content/curriculum standards for that class/subject."


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