Dr. Chuck Downing Presidential Award Winner for Excellence in Science Teaching

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Creative and Kinesthetic

 Activities to Increase Student Engagement














 Biome Bags

Students use clues on flora and fauna to determine which biome their “Biome Bag” describes

(2005) ©Science Kit and Boreal Laboratories.















Kinesthetic Protein Synthesis

A kinesthetic activity on the process of protein synthesis

(1999) ©Science Kit and Boreal Laboratories.
















 Cruisin' the Circulatory System

A kinesthetic activity on the anatomy and physiology of the human circulatory system

(1999) ©Science Kit and Boreal Laboratories.













Descendant Discs

A human genetics simulation

(1994) ©Science Kit and Boreal Laboratories.

Books with Laboratory and Other Activities to Increase Student Engagement















AP* Biology: Inquiry-Based Lab Investigations and Activities with Critical Thinking and Writing Skills

(2010) ©Peoples Education.















Cranial Creations in Life Science and Physical Science

Creative, cooperative, alternative science activities

(1990, 1994) ©J. Weston Walch, Publishers.



Creative and Kinesthetic Activities Designed to Increase Student Engagement












Coleslaw Chemistry

A series of chemistry activities and assessments, including a "Who Dun It?"  using red cabbage juice

as a pH indicator

(2001) ©Science Kit and Boreal Laboratories.














Mystery at 323 Maple

A comprehensive forensics

laboratory activity

(1995). ©Wards Biological Supply Company.



In-Depth Resource  for Teachers Who Want to Increase Student Engagement























(2014) Dr. JoAnn Jurchan

 and Dr. Chuck Downing






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